Sunday, March 22, 2009

Boring boring baseball galleries rant

Seriously folks there's more to baseball than batting and pitching. There's those little white things out there in the infield, (you know bases), and players run around those bases, other players try and stop them. Real interesting stuff happening out there. Sliding into bases, throwing stuff, catching stuff, running. How about taking some photos of that and not just the blankety blank batters!!!! Seriously, if I see one more gallery of 90% batter and the other 10% pitcher I'm gonna scream. How about coaches, there's at least two of those, one for each team, they might like a photo or two. And don't forget the officials, those guys love to see themselves and will buy photos, they really will.
I'm not saying don't shoot batters, just try and get more of the game than the batters.
You don't need a huge lens, you can shoot the infield with a 70-200mm, just ignore the outfield. Don't fall into the teleconverter trap, a TC on a zoom is seldom a good idea.
It's a slow game, you've got lots of time, let's get creative people!!
Rant over! Thank you.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


When photographing the cheerleaders please be aware of what position you catch these girls in when you shoot. Especially if you're sitting on the floor and shooting up at them.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lighting volleyball

I was asked about lighting volleyball and drew up some crude diagrams. I tried to add them to the original article I had posted earlier but it was too hard. :) So I'm just going to stick them here.

This is how I was setting my lights

This is the way David Stuetel sets up his lights, I like this way better.

click on the diagrams to see a larger image.