Monday, April 27, 2009

Very good article on

Darren Carroll answers a college students question about shooting on spec. He gives some very good advice. Particularly on shooting for agencies for a split of the sales, some of these so called agencies are giving away photos so cheap that it's devaluing photography and making it very hard for those of us who do this to pay the bills to make a living. Read the article here.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tilted horizons

Please folks no more tilted horizons, it just looks so lame. Save them for the next wedding shoot, okay? I am going to start deleting badly tilted horizon shots, the only sport I know of that has a hill in it is downhill skiing. You can fix a tilted horizon when you crop in photoshop. And while we are on the subject of framing, try not to cut off feet. A big problem since the advent of auto focus. Cutting off limbs at the joints is a basic composition no no.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Read this....

Don't Shoot Back lit ............

or side lit unless you know how. You can't just point and shoot in aperture or shutter priority and expect to get a good exposure. Those auto modes are not set up to meter well in anything but front lit situations. If you shoot in an auto mode then you need to use exposure compensation, (usually you need to add ev or ec, not subtract), or go old school and shoot in manual mode so you have total control over the light and what you're shooting. There are plenty of websites with a ton of information about metering and how to shoot in challenging lighting conditions, if you have trouble with shooting back lit, do some homework. I will be deleting dark and flat, badly exposed back lit images.
Here's a great example of a nicely exposed side lit image from photographer Jann Hendry.

Jann was shooting in manual mode and metering off her subject.

and here's a great back lit batter shot from Jann.